New Year, New MimiLoveForever Blog!

Welcome to my new blog and freshly rejuvenated website!

I really appreciate the time you spend with me so welcome to you all! My old blog will still be available to view as there is lots of my work and random drivvling on there, which I will eventually be dragging over to the new blog when I can.. Here is a Link to my old Blog if you’d like a gander:

I'm hoping this will be a wee window into my world and will try to update on a regular basis. I shall mostly be wittering on about my arty endeavours and there will probably be a bit of cat action too; (I have 5 and make no apologies for use of impossibly cute photo's and stories of their various doin''ve been warned!

So to kick start the proceedings and in the spirit of all things new this is a fresh new print I have just completed.

The print features my original watercolour painting of a sweet black cat gazing at a butterflies. Printed onto quality Hahnemuhle textured paper, this print closely resembles my original watercolour painting and embroidery, colours are vibrant and my original sketchy pencil marks are also visible. Soft smoky colours range from deep dark blues and violet through to soft tones of green and yellows and oranges and lots of lovely watercolour dribbles and splashy bits...technical art term!

Buy Mimiloveforever Art prints

Black Cat watercolour with hand embroidery by Mimiloveforever. Art print

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