Can you Flea the force?!

Fun, lively print of my original watercolour FLEA painting with hand embroidery featuring details such as Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout and a Space Hopper! Friends with an entomologist and wondering what to buy them as a gift...and let's face it we've all been there?!

Hand embroidery detail mimiloveforever

I had this picture in my head for a while, inspired by all my street art chums that I've made, a re-watch of one of my favourite films, Dougal and the Blue Cat and also the recent de-cooting/de-flea treatment of Kitty Team MimiLove...(not including Mr. Mimi...I'll get him next time!)

The original piece has now sold but a rather fabulous print is now available! Click here if you'd like to see more or even treat yourself to possibly one of my more random artworks! See Mr. Flea preparing to leap off the canvas leaving a watercolour trail and a blimming great bite in his wake!

Print of Flea watercolor painting with hand embroidery

The original work was a watercolour riot in shades of golds, purples, blues and lilac's with big dribbly splashes of scarlet and crimsons. Also included hand embroidered graffiti in a positive rainbow of stitches in a variety of silks, cottons and metallic threads for added bling!

BOING! There's Space of the more annoying toys from my 70's childhood, mainly cos the folks got sick of carting me and it up to the local garage/air pump to re-inflate it...ah heady, dangerous days

Pinging off in all directions are lots of hand stitchy springs, flowers, glass beads and tiddly black French knot itchy! JUMP!

There's Zebedee, my favourite character from The Magic Roundabout, with his whiskery tash and snappy bow tie, wobbling around on his spring too!

Art print of flea painting in a frame

Printed onto quality Hahnemuhle textured paper, this print closely resembles my original watercolour painting, colours are vibrant and my original sketchy pencil and embroidery marks are also visible. Colours range from reds, soft pinks and golden tan colors with of splashes purples. My original hand embroidered stitch work is clearly visible.

Your print will be protected in a clear cellophane sleeve and sent in a hard backed envelope for added security. Please note this work is unframed. Watermark will not appear on your print! Photo in frame is for illustration purposes only. Right to reproduce does not transfer with sale of artwork. I as the original artist retain all rights and my copyright is registered and protected.

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